Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Settling Part I

I took possession of my apartment at noon today! Exciting!

When I walked into the unit it was awesome - I was in a bad mood after my first visit because the agent showed me some really crummy suites and I also had a pipe dream about a terrace. So I didn't fully appreciate how good this unit was until today.

No more talk! Pictures! Two nerdy pics first, then apartment pics.

My sweet little 5TB server, ready2serve, getting ready for the trip. I named it after Warcraft II.

All ready to fly. I took this as a carry-on item. I don't trust it anywhere else. 

Here is my apartment! Big! Hardwood! Clean!

This picture and the one above it show part of the same area, the thermostat is your reference point.

Full size stove! Lots of cupboard space! 

More cupboards!

Nice bathroom! Pretty small but I don't need anything fancy.

This is looking into the bedroom. 

A view of the TWO closets from inside the bedroom. So many closets!!!!!!!

There is a taxi stand right outside the building that has a constant buffer of about 10 taxis. Which means it's easy to get anywhere I need that's out of walking distance and not really metro-feasible.

Better view out the window than my last post. That's Mont Royal and Molson Stadium where the Montreal Alouettes play. The cross on the mountain glows bright white at night. 

The bedroom has a corner window so here's a shot of my balcony.

After taking pictures I went to the mall underneath the apartment and spent $90 on cleaning supplies (this shows how exciting I live my life) so that I would just have everything on hand instead of needing to buy things piecemeal. The girl at the Metro (a grocery store, not a... metro) looked at me like I was going to clean up a murder. 

I had supper at St Hubert, which is in the mall under the apartment. If you cross a KFC with a Swiss Chalet, you have the most popular chicken restaurant in Quebec. It was actually really good. Yes, that is half a bun as a side. And it's the only fast-food place I've been to that serves a sub-$10 meal on a white glass plate!

That's it for today! 
Wednesday: IKEA
Thursday: Sit in apartment waiting for IKEA delivery. 
Friday: Sit in apartment waiting for internet installation. 
Saturday: ???
Sunday: Profit

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