brahm neufeld


My name is Brahm Neufeld and this is my homepage. 

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Last updated mid-2022.

Some links 

  • - This service allows you to build a custom roster spreadsheet for the original Nintendo game R.B.I. Baseball 3, and convert it into a working game file!
    • Note: This sometimes breaks. 
  • Records & Stereos - I restored and re-capped a NAD 3020 amplifier that my dad bought in the early 1980s, and cleaned up an Onkyo CP-1010A turntable. I also restored my uncle's beautiful Luxman L-30 amplifier.
  • Foxboro Scripts - In a previous role, I did a tonne of scripting on a Foxboro DCS. I put a few useful scripts on Github
  • Goodreads - I love reading, seeing what friends and colleagues are reading, and writing little book reports. Here's my profile


  • Actua - A national organization and charity for Canadian science camp and workshop programs.
  • Discogs - Great place to learn about vinyl and expand your collection.
  • - Track your musical listening habits, if you're into that sort of thing.
  • Home Assistant + TrueNAS - Fantastic home automation platform and scalable compute/storage.