Monday, January 31, 2011

Now back in Montreal!

I hopped on a plane at 7:00am this morning and I'm back in Montreal - for a year! Yikes!

I arrived around 1:30pm and was able to get into the office by 3pm. I didn't do much: I set up my desk. I also tracked my FedEx Ground packages that are carrying all of my belongings to Montreal - and they're not in the FedEx system (yet?)! I can't recall if FedEx Ground packages are trackable online. I sure hope so; my guitar is one of those packages.

After work I bought some boots. In Saskatoon you can get away with wearing normal shoes in -30 weather  because it's so dry (as long as you have two pairs of socks!), but the sheer amount of slush on Montreal sidewalks when it's warmer than -15 makes these completely necessary:
Weird angle but everything is normal

Tomorrow I take possession of my apartment! That is pretty exciting. And on Wednesday night I'm doing an IKEA run to grab apartment essentials. That will also be pretty exciting.

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