Sunday, April 17, 2011

Montreal Wandering

I went for a long walk today by the harbour and through parts of Old Montreal and Chinatown. I saw some neat things! 

A haunted house! Spooky. On the left you can see the Bixi bikes - rent-able public bicycles.

Montreal's congress centre looks like a kaleidoscope oil slick.

A spa boat (left) near something decrepit looking. 

Neat architecture. They look abandoned, I wonder if anyone lives there? 

There... of in the distance... Radio-Canada headquarters!

The Biosphere!

The Jacques-Cartier bridge links the island of Montreal to St. Helen's Island, which is made of the earth excavated while constructing the Montreal Metro system. Now the island houses a Metro station, a Formula One race track and a theme park. In this pic you can see roller coasters to the left of the dome.

I found Chinatown and wandered through there. 

The Chinatown Holiday Inn has some traditional-looking temples on top.

Knock quietly or there will be.... trouble.

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  1. Nice shot of those old 'abandoned' buildings. It looks like some sort of post-apocalyptic version of Montreal!