Sunday, April 17, 2011

Glad Breakfasts

Last week I made Glad Breakfasts in advance for Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. I call them Glad Breakfasts a) because they are in Gladwares and b) they make me Glad! Any day that I don't resentfully eat cereal is a good day.

Basically I just crack three eggs in a Gladware, add a shot of milk and whip with a fork for a few seconds. Then I added mushrooms, green pepper, and spinach but you could put in whatever you wanted! I suppose you could also pre-cook the veggies. I didn't this time.

In the morning, I fry some pancetta bacon, which is awesome because a) it's smoked (pre-cooked), b) it's pre-cut, and c) it gives off just enough fat to cook with - significantly less than normal bacon (ie, you don't have to drain the pan). Then I just dumped my scramble-in-a-container in the pan and scrambled everything.

Very tasty! I like having "weekend breakfast" on weekdays every once in a while.


  1. You can keep raw egg in the fridge for that long?

  2. Totally! A gladware is just a plastic shell :)