Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Spring in Montreal

Spring magically appeared in Montreal on Saturday, and it looks like it's here to stay - I hope!

I wanted to take so many pictures on the walk home today, but didn't because taking cell phone pictures of people is weird:

  • A BILLION people lined up outside the Ben & Jerry's, because today is Free Scoop Day;
  • A hilarious number of random children running around on busy downtown sidewalks (possibly connected to Free Scoop Day);
  • All the open space at McGill University, previously barren, now filled with people studying, reading, and catching sun;
  • The immediate and drastic change in the population's attire from heavy boots and coats to shorts, skirts, sleeveless shirts and sharp-looking spring jackets;
  • Tons of old couples out for walks, sporting their denim pants without any back pockets.
Also, it was hot enough on Monday that I had to turn on the air conditioning in my apartment! Maybe it's the west-facing windows. 

I'm an April baby and I got a really nice birthday card from my family in the mail today. Lots of love on the inside but on the outside - a dinosaur to stick stickers onto! 

Someone has already added some stickers to it! Hahaha

My dino:
I just needed to make it as metal as possible. Yes, the T-rex is playing a guitar with a whisk.

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