Monday, April 25, 2011

Great Week

The last week has been pretty awesome! Unfortunately I never remember to take pictures of anything awesome. Here's the skinny:

  • Two of my pals flew out to Montreal for the Rush concert last Wednesday! Incredible show but unfortunately Geddy's bass was only audible when Neil wasn't drumming, which was hardly ever. 
  • We ate tons of great food, including an awesome breakfast, poutine, and smoked meat! 
  • Flew back to Saskatoon for the long weekend, had some of my mom's delicious Easter buns (paska).
Here are some things I DID take pictures of:

Two of Robyn's cousins visited Saskatoon for the first time and were inundated with all of the city's offerings, including the river, the beautiful campus, and the Berry Barn's Saskatoon Berry Pie:

My sister got me this awesome cookbook for my birthday:
I got a bunch of other awesome books, including How to Cook Everything, The Book of Awesome, We, Robot, and Room.

Robyn and I went to Poached for breakfast and it was AMAZING. I ordered crab cakes with a poached egg on top and marinara sauce, a breakfast salad and a bagel. We got a side order of bacon-wrapped maple pecans - ALSO AMAZING. It was Easter Sunday and the staff hid a few Cadbury eggs in the salad, which I thought was cute!

Robyn and I cooked our own supper on Sunday night (which was much needed - with the concert and the Saskatoon visit I haven't cooked at all for myself!). It turned out to be super-healthy but also super-delicious! Shown here is spaghetti squash with a tiny bit of parmesan, a spinach salad with cranberry-cinnamon goat cheese, pecans, leftover chicken and a simple oil-balsamic-garlic dressing, and kale chips.
I was skeptical (perhaps uncertain is a better word) of both the kale and the spaghetti squash, but both were excellent and I will purchase both in the future! 

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