Saturday, February 5, 2011

Settling Part IV: Basically Settled!

I checked out of my hotel today and did most of the final settling in my apartment!

I built the last few pieces of furniture and took an enormous pile of IKEA packaging to the garbage/recycling. I went to la Baie - the Bay - to grab a few essentials like a towel, some sheets, and some pants. I shipped all of these items but if you read yesterday's post you will recall that FedEx is holding everything until Monday.

I grabbed a pair of headphones from Future Shop and walked past another amazing old church:

Okay here are some pictures of my apartment!

Little dining table and two chairs, and my POANG armchair - so awesome and comfortable (and cheap!). My parents have one that's at least 20 years old, if not more, and it's now our dog Yogi's chair. 

A couch that is also a bed, which means that L'Hôtel Neufeld is officially open! 

I went to buy curtains today (because I don't have enough hanging plastic "slats" to close the blinds all of the way) and was disgusted with how expensive they are - at least $9/slat and that's the discounted price if you buy the upper track too. Well I already have a track, I just want some slats! It turns out that no one manufactures slats with the same holes so if I just order slats there is no guarantee they'll work with my existing track. Rage!

I didn't have enough slats to cover the windows in my bedroom either, but I just took my trusty wire snips and trimmed a few living room slats to cover the bedroom windows. I guess I just won't have living room blinds for a while!

Bed. It seems comfortable but tonight is the big test!

The kitchen is starting to look occupied. I have to wash dishes but I keep forgetting to buy cloths. I may just wait until Monday, I shipped a bunch of awesome knitted dishcloths that my Grandma gives away by the bag every Christmas.

My Xbox should be coming on Monday with my FedEx stuff so I think I am going to buy a TV tomorrow - not necessarily for games, but so the Xbox can talk to my server and I can watch my movies and TV shows that are on my server.... aaaand I might have to get a game or two. I'm hoping the Xbox still works, I stole it from my brother and it hasn't been used in at least two years.

That's all for now!

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