Friday, February 4, 2011

Settling Part III

Sunrise reflection from my hotel window this morning.

I am almost settled in my apartment!

Last night my pal Scott and I built most of my furniture and drank a bunch of beer. I managed to forget a critical piece of my bed at IKEA on Wednesday so I had to go back today - I ended up grabbing the elusive dining chairs that had been out of stock on Wednesday, too.

Hanging out with Scott was great, he brought a Quebec beer that translates to "gas mine explosion" and it took some clever engineering to open the stubborn cork:

That's a piece of my couch/fouton gripping a screw.

I am waiting until tomorrow to post pictures of my apartment because I don't want to take pictures with a mountain of cardboard and furniture wrapping in one corner!! But you just wait. You will have pictures of this flashy and hip apartment soon enough.

Today (Friday) my guitar was delivered to the office. That was the good news; the bad news was that my apartment didn't let FedEx in with any of my moving boxes. So I have wait until Monday and then skip work to receive them (because the depot here isn't open on weekends). Nice. Today I also bought a cheap practice amp from Kijiji for my guitar, and my internet was installed!

COMPLAINT: Internet in Quebec. It doesn't hold up to internet options in Saskatchewan. The best plan I can get in my apartment is 10 Mbps (little "b" is "bits", so that's 10 megaBITS per second = 1.25 MB/s). Also I can only download 120 GB per month! In Saskatoon I could casually download at 3 MB with Shaw with virtually no limit (though that might change soon), and SaskTel has comparable plans. Oh well. I got sweet little ready2serve all up and running and downloading just fine. I named my wireless network THE_THUNDERNET because it sounds AMAZING.

Robyn and I are figuring out all sorts of ways to talk on the phone for free while she is up North! When she's in Saskatoon we'd be able to Skype for free, but her wireless internet really sucks in Rabbit Lake so we've created a combination of cell phone plans and computer-based callings that seem to do the trick.

Unrelated to moving: I got the best accidental text message from my pal Matt today - he sent an "I love you" to me instead of his girlfriend. I replied back with a quote from Tenacious D's Friendship Test, and got an awesome reply:
Yeah we've played a lot of Halo over the last few years.

TOMORROW: Hoping to check out of my hotel, buy curtains for the apartment, grab a few essentials (considering things like towels and sheets and kitchenware are being held hostage by FedEx), and possibly hunt for a moderately-priced television.


  1. Looks very meterosexual, or whatever they call it nowadays.

  2. Oh, I should add that I finally found a way to get some Sledge Hammer episodes, so you can look forward to the best birthday EVER!