Friday, January 14, 2011

Day 5: Poutine!

The weekend! At last!

Today was a workday as was any other, but after work I went to Les 3 Brasseurs for beer and poutine.

I tried all of their microbeer brews, four in total: Blonde, White, Amber, and Brown:

And! Most importantly of all, I tried my first plate of Montreal poutine:

It was great overall: crispy fries, real chucks of chedder cheese curds that "squeak" when you chew them. According to reviews, this is far from the best, but leaps and bounds above the worst. On the weekend, I hope to try some of the extremely specialized poutines in the various corners of the city. 

At Les 3 Brasseurs I was sitting at the bar, and after a while a local guy named Manny sat beside me. He was an interesting guy and was fun to talk to. When I asked him what I should do this weekend, he told me an address where I should go hang out and watch for transvestite prostitutes. I told him that wasn't exactly my idea of a good time (or did I??!!?!?!!). Oh well. I forgot the address (or did I?!?!?!?!?!).

I also snapped a picture of this awesome pole poster. Ali Hutchings is my inspiration for documenting this pole poster; she takes pictures of interesting ones in Fredericton and Halifax. 

Don't believe their lies!!!!

Tomorrow is lunch at the Noodle Factory with my cousin and her family; after that I think I am going to go explore the Science Centre. Mostly because I am cool and awesome.


  1. Say hi to the relatives. I forgot to mention Drew Bakken is in Montreal, too.

  2. Man...I just ate a hugeeeee batch of poutine...