Thursday, January 13, 2011

Tea & Scotch (Day 4)

Robyn is getting everyone she knows hooked on this awesome tea from DavidsTea. There is no store in Saskatoon, but there's a billion in Montreal and it just so happens one is two minutes away from my office.

I went after work, intending to get three teas (one each for me, my mom and Robyn) and left with five - that's the magic of DavidsTea!

Left-to-right: Forever Nuts, Baked Apple, Coco Chai Rooibos, Organic Strawberry White, Through the Grapevine, Lagavulin 16 year. 

Robyn got me this AWESOME travel mug for Christmas. Picture a travel mug combined with a French press combined with a SECRET COMPARTMENT. The bottom screws off and holds extra loose tea, so you can carry and steep your loose tea all in one package. I've been drinking a lot of tea from it! The Montreal office doesn't have free coffee but it does have a hot water tap on the water cooler, that's all I need.

The Lagavulin isn't tea. It's a delicious bottle of single malt scotch from the Isle of Islay, Scotland. Very smoky and peaty - one of the best bottles I've had so far. It's a couple bucks cheaper in Quebec than in Saskatchewan, enough so that it was worth waiting until this trip to grab it.

 Here's a pic of the rest of my budding scotch collection from a week or two ago:

The two bottles on the left are my roommates' - we're classy.

Tomorrow is Friday, hooray! I think my cold is almost gone, I've just got the runny nose so I should be able to do some fun things on the weekend. On Saturday I'm going to have lunch at the Noodle Factory with my cousin and her little family, I'm looking forward to that!

Other stuff:

  • Every Montreal man, married or not, includes "beautiful girls" in his list of things to like about Montreal. Without fail! It's endearing :-P
  • I should know details about my one-year relocation soon. The email has been sent instructing that the paperwork be initiated. I still do not have said papers. But they're aiming to have me start January 31, which means I'd be back in Saskatoon for only a week before moving out here!
  • On my first night here, housekeeping washed the dishes I'd used. Every subsequent day, they did not. They set the precedent and let me down! (Oh well. the only dishes I use are one glass for water and three knives to make my lunch sandwich every morning).
  • Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you people of Montreal for being bilingual, because I'd be totally lost if you weren't. I'll learn some French, I promise. 

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