Monday, April 4, 2011

Weekend in Saskatoon: Bridges, Bacon, Board Games, Balloons

I was in Saskatoon for the weekend. It was fun!

Robyn and I went to look at the construction on the new Circle Drive South Bridge:
They have a little platform that you can watch the construction from if you drive around the Diefenbaker Park loop! Or, you can be lazy and look at

Me and my buddies went out for breakfast for a CELEBRATION OF BACON
Denny's is like that one guy you know who sounds like he's fun to hang out with, but then you get there and you realize that you can only stand that person for about five minutes at a time. It was a fun (1:30PM) brunch with my friends, but I wish we went to Schryer's Smoked BBQ Shack instead! Robyn and I went there on Friday night and it was aweeeesooommmee.

Robyn and I played board games with my parents. Here are two of my consecutive turns in Scrabble:
It can't get any worse!
It got worse. 

Finally we went to my Dad's office at the university and popped all of the balloons that his coworkers added to his office for April Fools:
I liked the note that he left for the caretakers.

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