Friday, March 4, 2011

Pizza & Pop

On Wednesday, my cousin and her family came over to my apartment for pizza! I made three kinds, and only snapped a "before" shot:
On the left: gorgonzola blue cheese, onions, and olives - a great recipe that my mom is famous among her friends for! In the middle: pesto, red pepper, artichoke hearts, shrimp, and cheese - a great recipe that my dad is famous for! And on the right, classic cheese for the kids.

A woman at my office brought me a cool treat today:
Cherry Coke and Cherry Dr Pepper, both unavailable in Canada (last I checked). She heads down to Plattsburgh, New York - an hour and a bit south of Montreal - every few months to stock up on cheap treats and goods that aren't available in this bustling French Metropolis. Woo-hoo, thanks!

Ah, and my embarrassing moment of the week. On Thursday I had an appointment to assess my French language skills to determine my placement in a course in a few weeks. I admitted my French was somewhere between non-existent and terrible, then this happened:
Assessment Guy: "I want you to look at this picture and tell me the names of things in French"
Brahm: "(gulp) okay.... (long pause).... un chien"
AG: "Oui, un chien; a dog"
B: "...... ummm..... (there were like - 100 things on the picture and I was blanking)..... ummmmm.... un homme"
AG: "Yes, un homme, duex hommes..." (he wanted me to say "lawyer" but that's out of my league)
B: "ummmmm................ un baguette"
AG: "No, that is a croissant. The word is the same in English, you know"
B: (facepalm)
AG: "Okay, I think I know enough to assess you."
Beginner French, here I come!

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