Sunday, February 13, 2011

Pizza Casserole

I have been a bit lazy with updating my blog for the past few days!

I had supper with Ellen and Vince and their kids on Wednesday, that was a ton of fun. They made cheese fondue (delicious!!) and I got to play with their cute, high-energy kids for a few hours. I got pigeon-holed into reading books for an hour (fun!) and eventually there wasn't any more time for "one last book" (although there were several "last" books).

The only meal (until today) that was noteworthy was an attempt at a sole, scallops & veggies dinner, but the sole completely disintegrated in the frying pan and it was not very photogenic at all! I also made Mongolian Beef which is always delicious! My mom gave me the recipe, and our whole family enjoyed the meal many times before she confessed it was a Weight Watchers recipe - so good!

Oh yeah - Robyn and I booked our trip to Iceland! We're going to check out the land of geothermal heat, scenery, and Vikings from May 20-30! I'm excited.

Tonight I was in the mood for a casserole. I've never made a casserole on my own, but I ate lots of casseroles of different types growing up, and I just had a craving for something hearty on this snowy day:

I Googled "casserole" and the first result was this recipe for Pizza Casserole. Hell yes, I thought!

It was a simple recipe - "boil noodles, fry ground beef, mix together, bake". Boo-yeah.

The verdict: hearty and filling like a casserole should be, but probably not the most healthy casserole option out there!

Tonight I am off to play Scrabble with my engineering pal and some other people, should be good times!

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