Thursday, February 17, 2011

Gas Mine Explosion, Steaks, Balcony View, Potato Bacon Soup


This is an awesome beer with an even more awesome bottle. Coup de Grisou roughly translates to "gas mine explosion". I had a bottle or two of this on Sunday with Scrabble:

On Monday - Valentine's Day - I made a lonely, yet extremely delicious steak and confirmed that the grocery store in my building does indeed have excellent meat:

Also on Monday I decided to stand on my balcony for the first time and check out the evening view in full:
I think I am the only apartment with safety netting and I can't figure out why.

Last but not least, I made some very tasty potato bacon soup this evening, based on this recipe.
Here's what I did differently from the recipe:

  • Used less chicken stock and substituted water. I expected this to be salty and it's even still a bit too salty for my tastes - but still really delicious! 
  • Blended it before adding bacon. The recipe omits this step, and there are some funny comments from people complaining they made "potatoes in broth". Well... blend it, then! 
That's it for now.. looking forward to visiting Saskatoon in a week's time!


  1. The netting could be to keep birds from nesting.

  2. Hi, where did you find this safety netting? I used to live in Brazil and they are very common there but I cannot find them at all in Canada! Any tips would be appreciated, thanks!

    1. It was there when I moved in! Don't know where it came from, sorry!