Monday, January 17, 2011


I spotted these downtown birdhouses on the walk to work a few days ago and thought they were neat:
There were three or four trees in all.

The only noteworthy thing I did today was send an email to the apartment I have "reserved" for me - I had a few extra questions. The most important one was about whether I could have any internet provider or if the apartment only allows a few options. I want speed and bandwidth! I was also curious about the logistics of shipping boxes and moving in, and curious if I could knock a few bucks off the price if I said I didn't need the basement storage (which I haven't seen, and am sure I don't need).

That's it! A workday like any other. On Friday afternoon I fly home, so I guess I only have four more sleeps here, counting tonight. I sure hope I get my relocation agreement soon! I'd like to be able to confirm that apartment an certainty.

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