Saturday, November 13, 2021

How To Update Home Assistant Core Plugin on TrueNAS

Update, Feb 2022: Of course, I found better documentation here: Original post below. 

Over the last few month I've started playing around with Home Assistant. This has been fun! I will probably post more about it in the future.

Recently I realized there was an update available, and because I'm running Home Assistant Core via the TrueNAS community plugin, there is no clear path to doing this.

In the spirit of sharing useful things on the Internet I'll share what I figured out.

Note: This assumes you've got your Home Assistant config set up in an external dataset, as documented in the plugin documentation.

Here's what I saw when I logged into the web interface of Home Assistant last week. This is a few months out of date. 

Step 1 - Update the Plugin Jail
Using the TrueNAS web admin panel, run the jail updater.

Click these boxes after clicking the update button:

Once the updates run and you log back into the HA web panel, you probably won't see any updates.

Step 2 - Log into the CLI (command line interface)
  • ssh to your TrueNAS box
  • Login as su
  • Log into your HA jail with "iocage console homeassistant" (or replace homeassistant with the name of the jail)
  • A text-based menu should show up. 
  • Pick Option 1 - Home Assistant Core
  • Pick Option 4 - Upgrade

Step 3 - Done
In the CLI, you'll see the current version:

In the HA web interface, you'll see the most current version:

Condensed Procedure:
  1. Update the Home Assistant Jail in TrueNAS to ensure all the necessary guts and pre-reqs are in place. 
  2. Log into the Home Assistant Jail via the CLI and run the updater. 
If you found this helpful, please leave a comment! (they are moderated due to awful spam on this platform, so will not appear immediately). 

Update, Feb 2022: Of course, I found better documentation here:

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