Saturday, March 24, 2012

Misaddressed Emails: Volume II

Lots of people send emails to my Gmail account by accident. Presumably this is because I registered a premium Grade-A-For-Awesome account name back in 2004. Here are some more messages I have received over the past few years.

Full names have been blacked out to protect the privacy of those who don't double-check their email addresses before hitting "send".

TMI about someone's kidney stones:

A post-first date email from an infatuated ESL couple:

Nice photos of old people (I have received more than one from this sender):

A peek into the exciting world of Lutron Shading Solutions:

I like this one a lot - an invitation to a gathering of people who work for the United States Federal Election Commission:

 A depressing peek into someone's marriage separation:

YES!! Updates from the Masons. I like that when I pointed out he was using the wrong email address, he didn't believe me and said he'd have to double check.

Another person just refuses to believe that I am not the person they want to contact. When seeking a "therapist for riggers", Norm assumes us Neufelds must all know each other.


  1. Hahaha What the heck? Even though these are from over the years, how do you manage to get genuine emails from people who think you're someone else? That's FANTASTIC.

    But the first email being from a Marla confused me. I have passed no kidney stones to date, thank goodness.

    1. I think they're normally typos. My Gmail account is my last name, so if someone shaves off part of someone else's Neufeld-based Gmail address, they get mine.

      I didn't post the grossed misaddressed emails of them all - multiple, vivid descriptions of "Aunt Millie's" bladder infection :-|