Monday, January 2, 2012

A Difficult Day

I just got back to Montreal, and so far today I've had what Eugenie Fernandes would call A Difficult Day.

I'll get all of my complaining out of the way at once:

  • My Saskatoon apartment's sink is backed up. We can't drain anything, and whatever our upstairs neighbour drains comes up through our sink. Oh joy! Here's my attempt at plugging the sink with Gladware to prevent overnight floodage (it didn't work)
  • I slept poorly last night, due to the one-man highland dance troupe living upstairs. 
  • One of my flights was cancelled so I was bumped to a later flight, guaranteeing that all of my daylight hours were spent in airplanes or airports. 
  • My bags were last on the carousel (#firstworldproblems)
  • The drug store in my building wouldn't sell me a box and bubble wrap because only the post office (inside the drug store) is allowed to sell them?? Umm, the post-related inventory is mixed right into the stationary isle, why can't I give you some money in exchange for some shipping supplies?! "Oh, the post office part is closed, so you can't have the items on this shelf in this open store."
  • Most strangely, apparently my apartment's management showed my apartment to at least one "client" while I was on Christmas break in Saskatoon. What? People were in my apartment? Okay, there was an advance notice of this visit slipped under my door, but when they visited a week later would they not have seen that undisturbed, unopened notice on the floor? No consent was given to enter and I did not see the notice until today. I am very annoyed. Nothing is missing, but how do you feel when someone enters your personal space without permission? It's creepy. I called the "agent" and left a message asking her how many people were in here and when. These so-called clients are welcome to see my apartment but only if I have actually received the notice and only if I actually give consent. 
Life is not all bad; I suppose my tiredness just magnified all of these relatively minor issues. On the upside, today I saw some friends on the plane who I haven't seen for a long time, and I had a really, really, really great Christmas break at home in Saskatoon. Lots of food and fun with friends and family (eff, that's some fine alliteration!). 

I should have some interesting, non-complainy blog posts up within the next week or two. Happy New Year! 

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