Thursday, September 15, 2011

Things I Miss About Living In Saskatchewan

My company is sending me back to Saskatoon on Friday - that's tomorrow, woo! I will be out on our project site, helping to start up all the new equipment that we've programmed here in Montreal.

After living in Montreal for seven months I have come to realize that I'm one of those people who just really loves Saskatchewan. Not that Montreal is bad - it's an awesome city and overall, I'm enjoying my time here. But I miss:

  • Pilsner, and pilseners in general. Vitamin P, Pil - or as my friend Chet calls it, 'Sner - don't seem to exist in Quebec. Pilseners aren't stocked in grocery stores or available on tap, at least where I'm looking.
  • Prairie farmer drawls. The laid-back "Ohhh yaaas" of agreement - with that tiny hint of the mid-western Fargo accent - that come out at a family reunion are music to my ears.
  • Fields and wide open spaces. Flatness. Prairie. I grew up in a house that had this view of the University fields when you looked down the street: 
  • Crown Corporations. We are so, so lucky to have SaskTel competing for business in Saskatchewan. In my opinion, land lines are always a ripoff, but SaskTel's cellular, internet, and TV offerings are spectacular given the size of the company and number of customers. Fact: I'm still using SaskTel cellular service here because my plan is so good. But my ISP, a Bell subsidiary, isn't great. 
The one reason I'd be tempted to stay here - I live in a building with a grocery store in the lower level. Seriously, I have never experienced anything so amazingly convenient. It is very easy to live here without a vehicle.

Saskatoon is where I want to be, though. I'm over halfway through my Montreal assignment, so I'll be home in no time!

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