Friday, June 3, 2011

Iceland: Day 3

Day 3 of Iceland! On this day we mostly explored Snæfellsnes peninsula.

It was SUPER WINDY all day long!
Like, actually crazy windy! We were going to hike to a lighthouse and decided that in the interest of safety we probably shouldn't hike on rocky cliffs. At one point we got out of the car to walk 10 metres to take some photos and we struggled to walk back to the car!

Despite the wind we saw lots of neat little things. We were still amazed at waterfalls that looked like this:
Though by the end of the trip we stopped taking pictures of them because they were so common.

We saw some traditional Icelandic sod farm huts outside a closed museum:
I think Robyn is actually taller than the door.

Some of the landscapes are just totally empty and barren. Then you turn around and you see the ocean or a mountain. Very crazy.

What, what is this thing in the middle of nowhere by the road???

IT'S A CAVE!!!!! This was the coolest random thing we found on this day and I was excited about it the rest of the day.
I walked down a little bit into the cave, then came up and looked through the steel hole. I could see a spiral staircase that went at least three stories down. How cool!!! I want to make this whole blog post about this cave but I should post some other pictures.

I took a picture of Robyn by a million baby lambs but they started running away when we got out of the car.

This day wasn't so much about attractions as it was about filling a day with driving because of a) the extremely high winds and b) the fact we were a bit mixed up because we weren't expecting to be in this part of the island on this day. We drove on to grab a seafood supper in Stykkishólmur, a town of 1,200 famous for it's seafood, then headed on to our next hotel outside Hvammstangi... but we had to drive through a white-out blizzard first!
Icelandic weather changes quickly and drastically.. there was actually some pretty nerve-wracking 30km/h stretches on this highway due to the wind, snow, and ice.

Stay tuned for Day 4! Featuring Icelandic ponies, a secret rock fort on a mountain, the unhealthiest thing I ate on the trip, the WATERFALL OF THE GODS, and Dimmuborgir.

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