Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Thanks TicketMaster!

No sarcasm in the blog title, I swear! TicketMaster and I have a rocky relationship, but their customer service department just totally redeemed themselves.

A week ago, I bought a ticket to see the Montreal Impact play the Carolina Railhawks (this is soccer) on May 14th. A few days later, my dad said he'd be able to swing by Montreal on the way to Florida, where he has some work to do.

His visit overlapped the game, so I said I'd try and get a second ticket. I called TicketMaster sales and asked the girl I spoke to if there was a spare seat beside mine. She said there wasn't. I asked if I could return the ticket I had in exchange for two adjacent seats. She said she didn't know (she was Sales only) and transferred me to customer service.

I talked to this totally friendly guy named Quentin (I think). I quickly told him the story and his immediate reaction was "sure, that should be possible!" My expectations were far too low! To make a long story short, my total time on the phone for exchanging my lonely seat for two seats beside each other was 17 minutes, and there were no surprise service fees or anything like that for the exchange. At the end of the call I thanked Quentin and told him I was very impressed with the great service.

Good job TicketMaster! Keep it up!

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