Friday, May 20, 2011

Last post before the trip!

Robyn and I take off for Iceland today - my flight to Toronto (where we're meeting) leaves at 4:30pm. I could have gone into work this morning, but I decided that working is no way to start a vacation! My colleagues agreed. So I slept in a bit, walked to grab a coffee, and I'm just forging some breakfast now in my MEAL-FORGE (kitchen).

A few pics from the last week:


Last night's supper - George Foreman-grilled zucchini and pan-fried salmon. Turned out great! Although today my apartment smells fishy. Worth it.

The view! It's finally starting to turn green here. I'm sure it will feel like a different city by the time I get back.

Check back in two weeks... I am sure I'll have some amazing pictures from Iceland! Meanwhile, if you're curious what the weather will be like while we're there, visit this site.

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