Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Best Shows

I am not afraid to admit that I love television - I think there's too many high-quality shows these days to ignore. It's now the fall and there's tons of great stuff coming back to the tubes.

My Favourite Shows - currently on the air
- Breaking Bad
- Curb Your Enthusiasm
- It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia
- Modern Family
- Parks & Recreation (Season 1 was weak, but 2-3 were awesome!)

Well Worth A Watch - still on the air
- 30 Rock
- Dexter
- Futurama
- The Office

Shows I Want to Start (when there's time)
- Alphas (supposedly like Heroes, but done it's superheroes done right)
- Game of Thrones (I want to finish the books first)
- The Wire

My Favourite Shows - now off the air
- Arrested Development
- Battlestar Galactica
- Law & Order
- The Sopranos

If you can think of a show that I'd like like, let me know! If you suggest Big Bang Theory I will smack you in the mouth.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Things I Miss About Living In Saskatchewan

My company is sending me back to Saskatoon on Friday - that's tomorrow, woo! I will be out on our project site, helping to start up all the new equipment that we've programmed here in Montreal.

After living in Montreal for seven months I have come to realize that I'm one of those people who just really loves Saskatchewan. Not that Montreal is bad - it's an awesome city and overall, I'm enjoying my time here. But I miss:

  • Pilsner, and pilseners in general. Vitamin P, Pil - or as my friend Chet calls it, 'Sner - don't seem to exist in Quebec. Pilseners aren't stocked in grocery stores or available on tap, at least where I'm looking.
  • Prairie farmer drawls. The laid-back "Ohhh yaaas" of agreement - with that tiny hint of the mid-western Fargo accent - that come out at a family reunion are music to my ears.
  • Fields and wide open spaces. Flatness. Prairie. I grew up in a house that had this view of the University fields when you looked down the street: 
  • Crown Corporations. We are so, so lucky to have SaskTel competing for business in Saskatchewan. In my opinion, land lines are always a ripoff, but SaskTel's cellular, internet, and TV offerings are spectacular given the size of the company and number of customers. Fact: I'm still using SaskTel cellular service here because my plan is so good. But my ISP, a Bell subsidiary, isn't great. 
The one reason I'd be tempted to stay here - I live in a building with a grocery store in the lower level. Seriously, I have never experienced anything so amazingly convenient. It is very easy to live here without a vehicle.

Saskatoon is where I want to be, though. I'm over halfway through my Montreal assignment, so I'll be home in no time!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Grossest Looking Food Item at Disney World

Tie-Dyed Cheesecake - looked as disgusting in this picture (on a cardboard delivery menu in our hotel room) as it did in real life. It looks like there is a half-cup of food colouring in each piece.

In real life, it looked worse. We spotted it in the restaurant in our hotel and it looked like it had been coloured that way with Sharpie pens.

Coloured food should look something like this - bright, fun and delicious, but not over-saturated with colour:

That was a piece of the manly Manniversary cake I baked for my friend Matt a few years ago: