Monday, March 7, 2011

Red Pepper Soup, Office Emails

I am immature, but I resisted replying to this email today:

Have you lost something near the toilet on the 10th floor?

If yes, please contact {name} ext-{number} and made a brief description to retrieve it.


Robyn is coming to visit this week! That is pretty exciting. Because I am nice I am making a fancy supper the night she arrives and I thought I would make the soup in advance.

I've had a lucky streak with Google and recipes (see Sub Buns and Pizza Casserole) so when I Googled "red pepper soup" I went with the first result: this recipe.

I followed the recipe exactly, except I roasted the red peppers in my oven and added the tiniest bit of cayenne pepper after blending to give it an extra spice/kick. The above pic is the exact yield with 4 big red peppers, so one batch makes a fair amount!

IT'S SO EASY AND DELICIOUS!! 5 stars all around!