Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Reuben's Smoked Meat Sandwich

I did one interesting thing today: Reuben's Deli!

I went immediately after work, so it was pretty quiet. Maybe people eat later here. There was lots of wood panelling everywhere. Very intimate feel; it would be fun to come here while it was busy and lively.

I ordered an AWESOME smoked meat sandwich, my only complaint was that the fries weren't anything special. If you're going to make sandwiches this good, put a little effort into the fries!

I did not finish that massive plate of food specifically so I could try Reuben's famous cheesecake. Very delicious, though the strawberries tasted a bit off (perhaps because it's the middle of winter).

Very tasty meal overall! I'll be back eventually.

I heard a few details about my year-long relocation today. All of the approvables are approved, and now the ball is in HR's court to get me the terms & conditions. Tentative start date for my year-long term: January 31st!