Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Best Shows: Summer 2012

Back in September I posted an admission: I love television. I love it among other things, of course, but I think one can love TV without being an antisocial cretin. There are just too many high-quality programs these days.

Here's a revision of my previous list - some shows have fallen off my radar completely (The Office, Dexter), and some other new shows have caught me completely off-guard as being awesome (Sherlock, Todd & The Book of Pure Evil).

My Absolute Favourite Shows - currently on the air
- Breaking Bad
- Curb Your Enthusiasm
- Metalocalypse
- Todd and the Book of Pure Evil (easily the best new comedy on TV)
- 30 Rock (promoted from "well worth it" because Season 6 has been stellar)
- Sherlock (BBC)

Well Worth A Watch - currently on the air
- Game of Thrones (the show is incredible but the books are superior)
- Modern Family (still awesome, but demoted from favourites)
- Parks & Recreation (still awesome, but demoted from favourites)
- It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
- National Geographic's Drugs, Inc
- Eastbound & Down

Shows I Want To Start - when there's time
- Alphas
- Firefly (I've seen it before, but need to re-watch to fully appreciate)
- HBO's Veep
- HBO's Girls
- The Killing (Season 2 - I really enjoyed Season 1)
- The Wire

My All-Time Favourite Shows - now off the air
- Battlestar Galactica (SO GOOD - I recently re-watched the whole series again)
- The Sopranos
- Arrested Development
- Law & Order
- Law & Order: Trial By Jury (a one-season wonder that was better than most regular L&O episodes)

If you love TV and there's an awesome show you think lines up with my tastes, let me know. I'd love to hear about it!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Sound wall deflects sound, not vehicles

Behind my crappy apartment there is a sound wall. Behind the sound wall there is Idylwyld Drive. Apparently sound walls are not very good at deflecting cars.

That's what I found last Saturday when I walked out of my house. I sleep with my window open - I am surprised I didn't hear this. Nice big set of skid marks on Idylwyld to match, and the wall looks a lot worse on the other side.