Saturday, November 24, 2012

Passive-Mogressive Motes

Last year I complained to the internet about constant charitable fundraising efforts at my work. "Wahhh, I get asked for money too frequently" - me.

For the past three years I've been doing Movember, growing horrible moustaches and raising money for prostate cancer research and men's mental health initiatives. (it's a trap blog post! Donate to me here:

And for each year I've participated in Movember, the event grows. Like a big, beautiful moustache grown over thirty days, it grows. There are more people campaigning for donations, and some people get REALLY into it.

Some outstanding men at the Saskatoon office have taken up the Movember cause, and my email inbox has been a flurry of fundraising updates (hooray for email filters!). One of many events (seriously - there's a steak night too) is a Movember mini-golf tourney - each discipline in the office builds a hole, you pay to play, and the proceeds to to charity. Yay! Fun! Right?

I raised an eyebrow when I saw this email:
"The Movember mini golf tournament is slated to go this week.  I know that we are busy, and this tournament is going to be a fun event for a great cause.  We are not seeking elaborate results.  Rather something reasonably challenging that can be setup in during a coffee break.

"[Organizer Person] was seeking email from those planning to participate as a group; I am going to do the opposite. The groups that will be participating are identified below.  If your group is unable to participate, please provide me with a compelling reason as to why you cannot spare 20 minutes for charity." (NB: emphasis not mine! This was the actual email formatting) 
Oh boy. I support the cause, but come on - this email makes the event sound about as exciting as vacuuming the living room!

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