Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Speeding Tax

On the Friday of the September long weekend, I got a speeding ticket on Highway 16 while driving our company rental car home from our job site. I was driving 118 km/hr on a 100 km/hr road.
I was pretty embarrassed to be ticketed, because:
1. On the way home, we passed one speed trap (to which I said, "ha-ha!").
2. We then passed a SECOND speed trap, where I....
3. started talking about my perfect, fault-free driving record, when...
4. a THIRD cop car, driving in the opposite direction as us, U-turned on the highway, turned on his lights and pulled me over. He could have got the four speeders ahead of me, but no, he chose me.
Lest you think I'm an unsafe driver, on Highway 16 EVERYONE drives 120 km/hr to and from the potash mines when the shifts change. (if you're holding steady at 100 km/hr, you invite SEVERE tailgating from big trucks). And for my out-of-province readers, if you are unfamiliar with Saskatchewan highways, #16 is one of the straightest, and the flattest - in some spots you have 20 kilometers of visibility. But those aren't excuses that I could sell to a cop; I accepted the ticket without argument.
As I drove away, I took comfort in recalling my dad's philosophy on speeding tickets: as long as you're not being a dangerous driver, speeding tickets (and parking tickets) are kind of like randomly-collected taxes for the privilege of being able to drive however the hell you want.

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