Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I Type Like A Crazy Person

I'm a pretty fast typist - at least that's what people tell me when they see me banging away on a keyboard. Maybe I am just a loud and flashy typist.

While I was typing a particularly uninteresting paragraph of text at work, I stared at my hands and realized that the way I was hitting the letters made no sense whatsoever.

Here's how normal people are supposed to touch-type, with each colour representing a finger:

Here's how I type, using the same colour scheme:

  • I don't use my right ring finger at all, except for quote (") marks and question marks. For apostrophes, I still punch the (') key with my middle finger.
  • Apparently I don't use my thumbs. At all. I hit the space key with my right index finger, every time. What's strange is that I didn't realize this until recently.
  • Right-shift FOR LYFE. The left Shift key can suck it.
  • My brain doesn't seem to care what finger presses a key, so long as it gets pressed (and quickly!). For example, in the word thought, I type the first h with my left hand and the second h with my right. Because it makes sense. Right?

Do most people actually learn proper touch typing in elementary and high school? I distinctly recall faking my way through touch typing in Grade 9 because I'd already solidified these typing habits by then.

I'm not a slow typist - I tried a few tests online and consistently scored above 60wpm. Is unconventional (non hunt-and-peck) fast typing common? Or is this a bad habit?

Crazy typists, leave me a comment!