Friday, August 13, 2010

SaskTel's Once Upon A Smart Choice Sale - Not So Smart!

SaskTel has a sale on right now where they're selling smartphones for $0. DON'T FALL FOR IT!

Every single one of those phones is old and outdated - not only are they using SaskTel's old CDMA network technology, but in most cases the phones on this sale are one generation behind the current (for example, the BlackBerry Storm is a $0 phone on this sale, but SaskTel sells the Storm 2 - the newer, more superior phone on the old CDMA network).

For instance, if buy the Palm Centro, you're buying a 3-year-old piece of hardware that Palm stopped supporting years ago.

Mobile Syrup, one of Canada's most well-read mobile phone blogs recommends the BlackBerry Storm $0 phone with a three year contract. That's a terrible recommendation - the phone was released to terrible reviews in tech blogging circles. You'd be saddling yourself with old, crappy hardware on a network that is going to be shut down in three years anyway.

Spend $200 on a new generation smartphone if you're going into a three-year contract - it's a drop in the bucket considering the total cost of ownership over a three-year contract. Don't get saddled with an old piece of garbage that mobile phone manufacturers (Palm, BlackBerry, etc) no longer want to support.

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